When Should I opt for Duct Cleaning Services?

Duct Cleaning should always be considered as a priority. You should opt for a professional duct cleaning services when you find an animal intrudes your duct system, if the duct has not been cleaned in a while, any of the duct parts are not working efficiently, change in airflow from the duct, a mould growth appear inside your duct, there is dust in indoor air or if you see a hike in your electricity bills for no reason. These are some reasons which indicate that you need a professional duct cleaning service. We offer a very Affordable Duct Cleaning Service. So call us now to avail our services.

Can you do carbon monoxide testing for my ducts in Melbourne?

Yes, you can get carbon monoxide testing for your ducts done in Melbourne at a very economical price from Squeaky Clean Duct Melbourne. Our duct cleaning experts are trained in checking for any carbon monoxide leakage in your ducted heating and cooling systems. So make your loved ones safe by hiring our experts to check for any leakages in your ducts. Call us!

Can you do duct replacement in Melbourne?

Yes, we do deal in duct replacement services in Melbourne too. Squeaky Clean Duct Melbourne aims to be your one-stop destination for all your duct related needs. Call us to get a no-obligation, free quotation for duct replacement services.

Do you have certified cleaners for duct cleaning?

Yes, we have only certified cleaners at Squeaky Clean Duct Melbourne to provide only the finest duct cleaning services to our respected customers. Moreover, all our cleaners are qualified and properly trained to get an expert hand in duct cleaning. So if you wish to get an expert duct cleaning at your home or office then we are here to help you with professional duct cleaners in Melbourne.

When do you close?

With us, you don’t have to worry about that! For our customers, we are never closed! Yes, we are open to attend your calls 24x7x365. You will find our customer executives on weekends and public holidays too. Call us anytime you need a good, professional, licensed, and insured duct cleaning for your home or offices!

Do you have the latest duct cleaning equipment?

Yes, at Squeaky Clean Duct we understand the importance and value of investing in right tools and technologies to provide nothing below than the best to our respected customers. So we keep upgrading our duct cleaning equipment and duct cleaning methodology for improved and perfect results.

Do you guarantee your work? What if I am not satisfied?

Yes, Squeaky Clean Duct guarantees its duct cleaning services. We are highly convinced about our duct cleaning services and therefore we guarantee the same with each cleaning assignment. You only have to pay to our professional cleaners if you are satisfied with the cleaning job. Otherwise let us know and we will get it re-done for you at no extra cost.
If, unfortunately, you do not feel satisfied with our duct cleaning services then you do not have to pay a single penny to us. Please let us know in such a case and we will make sure that things are done as per your expectations.

When should I get my ducts cleaned? And how often?

There is no particular season for duct cleaning. And there is no best time as such. If you notice any kind of smell through your ducts or if you feel that the air flow is not as good as it used to be then it is an alarm that your ducts need professional help. Also, if you have been noticing more sneezing and coughing in the house then your ducts might be in a bad shape. Moreover, an increased power bill could also be because of dirty ducts.
It is recommended to get your ducts cleaned once in every season so that they keep on working fine.

My ducts are working fine, why do I need duct cleaning?

You might feel that your ducts are working fine but you will not be able to judge what kind of damage accumulated dirt can to do to your duct and your family. Dirty ducts exhale unhealthy air that leads to unwanted sickness in the family or office premises. Also, if the ducts are not professionally cleaned on regular basis then the motor gets dirty and the duct has to use more energy to do its work. This results in increased electricity bills. So for the benefit of your family/employees and to save your hard-earned money, it is advisable to get your ducts professionally cleaned.

Do you sell ducts parts too?

Yes, we do sell duct parts too. We aim to become one-point solution for all your duct cleaning and duct repair needs. For this, we do stock up some of the most essential duct parts for your convenience. You can get duct pipes, floor duct register cover replacements and vent covers with Squeaky Clean Duct at reasonable prices. They are available in different colors.