How to Know That Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Air ducts and vents installed in our homes play a very important role in maintaining air quality. Air ducts help in removal of impure air from the inside and exchange of pure air from the outside. Almost every air duct is prone to the daily settlement of dirt, dust and debris.

Air Ducts Cleaning Service

Experts have suggested that you must follow routine cleaning of the ducts from time to time. Routine cleaning of air ducts helps in removal of dirt and dust while also keeping your ducts well maintained. You can also hire professional duct cleaners for deep and effective cleaning of the ducts. But the important question is why and when you may need to get your ducts cleaned.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with some signs indicating that the ducts are dirty. Keep reading to know more about some signs of getting your ducts professionally cleaned.

Signs of Getting the Ducts Cleaned

  • Dust and Dirt – First and foremost sign of having your ducts cleaned is visible dust. As we know, the air inside can promote the build-up of dirt inside the ducts. Visible dust on the lids of ducts or blowing of dust form HVAC systems can be a big sign proving your ducts are dirty.
  • Odours – Odour is another big sign showing your ducts are dirty and unhygienic. Odours can arise from various gases produced and collected inside the air duct cleaning. Presence of pests, bacteria and other parasites can also lead to odours coming out of ducts., if you happen to smell nasty odours without any source chances are odour is coming from the ducts.
  • Mould or Mildew – Sometimes it is possible that your ducts are infested with black mould and you may not even know it. Mould is a fungus that is hazardous for human health. Dirty ducts can trap mould spores which may result in mould infestation in the presence of moisture. You can look for the black layer of mould on the walls or floors of air ducts. Visible black mould on the lids and registers can also be a big sign of mould infestations. Professional duct cleaners can deliver duct mould removal service for you.
  • No Record of Duct Cleaning – If you have just shifted to a new home, you must get the air ducts cleaned as well. If you happen to witness an increased amount of dirt inside the home or if you see debris coming out of HVAC systems.if you never had your ducts cleaned or it has been a long time since you cleaned the air ducts. We must advise you to hire professional duct cleaners asap to get the air ducts properly cleaned.

Hire Our Professional Assistance

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