Signs Your Ducts Are In Good Condition.

The ducts in our houses must be cleaned thoroughly, they’re responsible for the air we breathe in our houses. Maintenance should be done from time to time to ensure the smooth functioning and good quality air in the premises. To know the condition of your air duct, you can easily check. Open the front panel cover of your duct vent and pluck it out, now use a torch to look inside and see whether there’s a sign of any foreign contaminant, dust or debris. Commonly if your ducts are uncleaned, you will found a huge pile of dust and debris, worst case there will be droppings of a mouse, spider webs and all the mess. On the other hand, if the duct is cleaned there will be nothing except a small layer of dust, if not maintained properly this layer of dust turns thick and make the duct dirty.

Sometimes due to moisture the mould infestation also starts on the ducts which lead to a bigger problem. Mould causes breathing problem and other bacterial infections in humans, therefore, ducts must be removed. If your Duct Cleaning has been done, then it’s okay if it’s not you should immediately call professional duct cleaners, professionals do the work by using their expertise, they have quality anti-mould removal solvents and special equipment and tools. Here in this blog, you’ll read the information about ducts and after reading this you’ll be able to know the severity of ducts.

Duct Cleaning
Duct Cleaning

Guide For Checking The Condition of Your Duct.

  • For self-check, open the vent cover and look inside the duct, see if the duct has dust or debris inside. Check the register and air vent filters to look for sticky mud or clogginess, though you can easily wash them, inside the duct dust would be still there. Therefore, the amount of dust on the air vent filter and register is directly proportional to the dust inside.
  • Inspect the heater carefully, see if the heat exchanger is clean or dirty, it should be cleaned. Ensure that the blower blades are also cleaned and there is no layer of dust over the oil compartment.
  • Check whether dust or mud is sweltering over coils of the air conditioner, the fins of the coils must have cleaned. Check the draining pan of the coil is draining properly, and there is no leakage.
  • If the plenums of the HVAC system shows the sign of forced air, filters should be settled and the air is moist. There is no contaminants and stains, outer air plenums are also must be free from any dust or debris.
Duct Repair
Duct Repair

Call Professionals.

Professional duct cleaners use a better approach while duct cleaning, they have access to all the required tools and equipment which is necessary for duct cleaning and duct repair. At Squeaky Clean Duct we are known for providing quality duct cleaning and Duct Repair Services. There are numerous benefits of hiring professional duct cleaning services, professionals have expertise in vacuum duct cleaning, dirt duct removal, duct mould removal, duct sanitization & duct decontamination. You can call us and have all these services at an exciting price.

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