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Effective Duct Cleaning

I am a cleanliness freak and I keep my home very clean and tidy but duct cleaning is something beyond my understanding. But now I don’t have to worry at all as you guys have proven to be pros of duct cleaning. Now my ducts throw just healthy air and are safe for my family. I am sure to see some reduction in my power bills next month. Thank you.

Ruby Raymond

Extreme Satisfaction

I am highly satisfied. At the initial stage I found the quotation offered by Squeaky Clean Duct Melbourne a little higher than others but now I know it was for good reason. Once they quoted the amount, there were no hidden charges like others. The customer care team was informative over the phone while other cleaners don’t give a compassionate ear to what the customer has to say/ask. These people seem to have passion for their job and that’s why I chose them. Squeaky Clean Duct team was very knowledgeable – from the initial phone call to the completion of the job. We didn’t have any knowledge about the same and these people ensured that we didn’t have to pay for that. Now we don’t suffer from sneezing and itchy eyes anymore.

- Elijah Lewisham

Affordable Duct Replacement:

We got our duct replaced last month before the season began from Squeaky Clean Duct at a very affordable rate. The team was nice and courteous and the job was done within a few hours without any mess. Try them for any duct related services and you won’t be disappointed.

Dietmar Ballmann

Animal Intrusion Services

We had no idea why the duct in our living room was not effective enough. It has been troubling for a long time when we finally decided to call Squeaky Clean Duct Melbourne. These people arrived the very next day and on opening the duct found that possums and rats were having a gala time in our duct. Thankfully these guys were professional in taking care of animal intrusion in ducts. They removed the animals, cleaned the duct, and made it work effectively again. Thank you!

Lachlan Burgess

Air Conditioning Cleaning Specialists of Melbourne

Air Conditioning Cleaning Specialists of Melbourne
The experienced cleaners of Squeaky Clean Duct Melbourne are truly the air conditioning cleaning specialists of Melbourne. They know their job well and know how to please their customers in the finest possible way. We were delighted to have them home and get our air conditioning systems cleaned and repaired by them.

Dave Danny

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

I always try my best to keep my home clean and tidy but I fail in keeping my ducts cleaned. So I picked up Squeaky Clean Duct services. Now I completely trust you guys and I gave up worrying about my duct cleaning. These days my ducts throw safe, healthy, and fresh air inside the room. I am expecting my monthly power bill to be less in the coming month. All thank to you.


Effortless Duct Installation Services

Duct installation is a messy job; at least this is what I used to think before I came across Squeaky Clean Duct. I used their duct installation service last month when I moved to a new place. The job was done effortlessly and without any mess. They simply bowled me over. Looking forward to use their other services in future.


Efficient AC Duct Vents Cleaning Service

This is a dispatch to yield my appreciation towards Squeaky Clean Duct for abandoning best duct cleaning services. I have contemplated an extreme rebate in the power bills and it is conserving a lot of money each month. Efficient Duct Cleaning and absolutely praiseworthy client service. Everyone must hire them.

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