The significance of professional Kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning service

Are you aware that there is more chance to catch fire if the duct is left unclean? The kitchen duct grease is mostly seen in the exhaust system or in the kitchen ventilation system. The accumulation of the grease takes place in this duct due to the improper cleaning or leaving the kitchen dirty. Eventually, it catches fire at some point since the grease is  good friend of the fire. Cooking of oil contained dishes or deep fried dished makes the oil to get stagnant in a particular place and later it forms into the grease.

Kitchen Duct and Ventilation Cleaning Service
Kitchen Duct and Ventilation Cleaning Service

This kind of grease is formed inside and in outside of the ducts and the exhaust fans. The stains are too stubborn that it can’t be wiped off all of the sudden or regular cleaners won’t be that effective on these duct grease. Experts offer a good service in helping us from the removal of the grease from the ducts and the exhaust fans.

What do they do?

Many service providers for the duct cleaning are available in the market. Here is how they actually do the duct cleaning.

  • Chemicals

    Caustic chemicals are being used over the ducts and the exhaust fans, the chemicals are made to dwell on it for a while, then it is being wiped off using a cloth. Then after sometime, hot water is being used over the surface for further cleaning.

  • Water pressure cleaning

    It is not that easy to withstand the force exerted by the water. The pressure from the water even harms the human body and grease will run away after throwing water on it with high force. The duct cleaning service provider applies this method in most cases for getting away from the grease accumulation. The pressure of water applied over the duct is about 2000 pounds. Hot water is applied in most cases since oil particles get easily dissolved in water.

  • Final touch

    Finally, cleansers or polishers are being used. After getting affected by the grease the duct, the blades of the exhaust fan look nasty. So to bring back its original shine the cleansers are applied over the surface of the duct. With  several wipes using the cleanser, the process gets to an end. A proper monitoring has to be done in order stay away from the grease.

Air Vent and Duct Cleaning Services
Air Vent and Duct Cleaning Services

Many experts and professional provides the service of duct cleaning. The kitchen exhaust and the ventilation duct cleaning service have to be done in our kitchens regularly. Mostly the restaurant and the commercial kitchen suffer a lot from the duct grease. Reports say that many fire accidents in the kitchens have taken place over the past years due to the accumulation grease on duct left unnoticed. So it is better not to take any risk. Check your kitchen ventilation and the exhaust system, if you find any presence of grease over it, just don’t wait. Make to the nearby service providers and chase the clean from your kitchen.

Whom to reply upon?

Choose only the best when it comes to kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning service. Compromising with the quality can only make things worse. Squeaky Clean Duct is a company which can be relied upon for carrying out the task of cleaning services related to a variety of items. They have expertise in cleaning services and make sure that your home keeps shining like forever new. They maintain quality standards and you can totally rely on them. They have a big client base and their knowledge is immense in their particular field. They are quick with their services and send an executive right away as soon as they receive a call.

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